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CIMD's commitment to sustainability and employee well-being

/ Environment

In a constantly changing world, where concern for the environment and corporate responsibility are essential, CIMD has distinguished itself as a company committed to sustainability. Current and future practices aimed at meeting environmental challenges and creating a positive impact on the environment are analyzed.

Through waste sorting, solvent recycling, the installation of photovoltaic panels and other initiatives, the company demonstrates its commitment to the responsible management of natural resources, while at the same time seeking to reduce its operating costs and enhance its public image.

/ Employees

At CIMD, we foster a good working atmosphere by striving to organize activities that encourage group spirit and cohesion among employees. This approach enables all employees to become more involved in achieving the company’s objectives and challenges.

Through various initiatives, we encourage CIMD professionals to foster interpersonal relations, group spirit and cooperation, thus contributing to greater productivity and better integration of new employees. To this end, the Group has invested in activities with its employees as part of a strategy of involvement and promotion of cohesion, integration and inclusion within the Group.

/ Training

At CIMD, we see professional training as an instrument that stimulates the development of employees on the basis of the tools and skills they need on a day-to-day basis, while fostering their evolution and progress within the framework of their work.

In-house training is based on the possibility of strengthening adaptability, broadening knowledge and deploying potential, harmonizing employee progress with corporate objectives.

The well-being of employees is reflected in their ability and motivation to take on new challenges and assume greater responsibility.


CIMD’s track record is strongly linked to its policy of social responsibility and to a very strong relationship with the community, which manifests itself through the realization and support of initiatives, as well as the establishment of partnerships, among others.

For example, our policy on the purchase of goods and services gives preference to local and regional suppliers, with a view to contributing to the strengthening of our region’s economic and social network.

We organize activities that involve the local community. Cooperation protocols are signed in various fields to stabilize and formalize mutual aid agreements. We support the associative, cultural and sporting network, while strengthening emotional ties with the various social players in the community in which we operate.

/ Jobs

Aware of the impact of our activity on the region, we guarantee a very significant level of local and regional employability. We guarantee a very significant level of local and regional employability, which constitutes a contribution to economic and social dynamics, particularly in a sparsely populated area.

Our aim is to create greater proximity between our future target audience and the work carried out in the company, with a view to creating greater attractiveness and a greater capacity to offer qualified career paths that appeal to young people.

We host school visits that have been carefully prepared in conjunction with educational establishments, and we have a range of materials available to raise students’ awareness of the careers and professional futures we have in store for them.